الخميس، سبتمبر 08، 2011

Why we live , then die ?!

When I was a child , I used think about that, but no one was able to give me a real answer ! So I decided to giveup the question and GO on livivng the way it comes ..
When I grewup , and finished Hischool, I joined the Airforce academy, There I started getting parts of the answer I was looking for, we lost some of our friends in air accidents, but still we got the guts to contiue flying
crazy with jets doeing all kinds of aerobatics, but never feared death ! why ? no answer for that except an
  internal feeling that ’’death’’ is part of our continuas life ! how is that ? it doesnt sound logic , does it ?
As we grew up , we came to know that , in all Relegions, life is an infinitive thing, Death is only a corner that we pass to the second type of life , to see what we have done through the first part of it, and continue accordingly !

The point was, we lived the first part of our (airforce life) learning on ground all about flying and flying machines , all the know how of it, Starting to fly is the death that we have to experience to see , have we done good or bad on ground, according to that, our flying will be !!

my understanding is that we start life at birth , that’s it, no end after that, only changing place and the type of life, the differance is, this current part is under our control, the other parts , we have no control what so ever ..

one point , I have to mention here, that we now, have the chances to send some helping controls, that might help then ..

thanks for reading,

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