الأحد، سبتمبر 11، 2011

I love you

Love is a word mostly miss used between people, we always say we love, but do we really, love ? it is a holy word that so many of us just say it, but not do it in complete manner ! one says to the a girl ; I love you , she gets excited about that, then says the same thing !! The problem is , do they understand (love) ? , I doubt that !!
No one can say that he loves for real, untill the couple live together for long time,they then, can understand   each other and see whether they really loved ,the love that is based on knowing,then , feeling
Love will not be there without really understanding and knowing one another, and that will not be befor living together for real-time,long time
 Before becoming a couple, niether of them will expose himself clearly, but once the time passes, both will discover negatives of his partner, then its too late to correct the matter !! am I right ? may be ,, think about it yourself and tell then..
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