الخميس، سبتمبر 22، 2011

Sometimes !!


Sometimes it comes to my mind, that some of us are strange creatures! as they behave so strange, that I feel they don’t belong to our planet earth! or I came from another one ! .
Humans have a built-in mercy to any other creature specially (humans), but what we notice, is that mercy disappears when it is really needed!, on the other hand,some people become (mercy-full)  to , let’s say, dogs,  cats or birds, where their mercy should be their own race! then to others. 

God , created this universe in a neat & balanced (way), that, whatever we do to know how, we wont come to the real (how)!, our knowledge is so small that it is not enough to know that (way) .

So, we should use (logic) in dealing with all things around us , as God said : He created every thing in a balanced way, we don’t have the right to change that balance, and if we do , we would not like what happens after! 

Here is a short story, once - in a village - people complained about a bug that comes from the wood, so authority sprayed it until it is finished, after sometime trees started dying ! why? , the authority discovered that there is a creeper bush was feeding on the routs of the wood, also they found that that bug, that they finished was feeding on this bush!. That what happens when we play with God’s balance of creation ..

So , humans should bare attention to humans first, as they have (most of them) been given brains and wisdom to deal with things around them, care about your family then care about others, where the family is humans, and others are the other creatures..

Don’t panic , every thing has its built-in way to balance itself , see what happens in the wild life in Africa, and other places, also down in the sea between fish, and think it over, we are humans , not wild nor fish..

thanks for your time

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