الأحد، أكتوبر 09، 2011


Once upon a time,,
 That used to be my house..
Let’s see...
 Your mouth is not wide enough to eat me, that means we can
 be friends..
A tear of :
lack of romance 
 take A lick 
 Sometimes Humans are nice !!
IT bed

tiered of surfing the net, relax for a while..
 which one is The Baby ?

The big one to the left is the baby!! strange , isn’t it ?
Yes and the one to the right is the mother !
The fact is that the real mother of this baby,is a lazy one,
 it does not make it own nest, when it is time to lay eggs(it lays
 only one egg)It looks for a (stupid)mother’s nest and lays it’s
only egg there with other eggs, when the eggs hatch , this big boy
bushes other babies out of the nest to fall down and die, so
the (stupid)mother takes care of the(not it’s baby)
As you can see, the baby can swallow the the mother
easily !!