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Birth , love , Life and Death

Birth , love , Life and Death
At birth, Joy, laughing , pain and crying mix ..  Joy & laughing are for family and relatives , Pain for the mother , Crying is only for you ! please remember this (when we come to the end of our talk)..

Have you ever thought about this ? ok ,

Love was there , even before your birth , your mother loved you more than how you imagine , she was your home , your protector and feeder , right from the beginning , you start exchanging love with her , but , do you think it was a real love , as we understand it now ?  maybe  !

That connection with your mother , which we called (love) , starts weakening as you grow up , you start disobeying , teasing and giving her , hard time , that is not part of love ! but it is The beginning of your life , the real life (weather wrong or right) ..

If you don’t keep a strong love connection with your mother and family , your love to any person is not true , its fake ! and your honesty is shaky .. As mother represents the (well) where you strengthen your love whenever it weakens as long as she is alive .. Then it becomes the rest of the family that is father ,  sisters , brothers and so on ..

To me , love is a lake connected to the sea or a river , once it is isolated , it dries up and probably vanishes , and so does love , if it loses roots , its Oral , tasteless , meaningless and helpless , then you can call it illness and defect in your personality ..

Life , we dont want to talk about it , as it is yours , talk to yourself about it , but dont tell us .. well just remind you with the beginning , when you were at birth , all were happy but you , And now when it comes to the end , all of them crying .. but you are silent ! while we have to choices to know about you .. if you did good , you are laughing , if you didn’t , you must be suffering ..

Remember before you leave this world , make sure you do only good..


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